~ Vedic Mathematics: Why and How to Learn


Vedic” means from the era of Vedas, an ancient Sanskrit Hindu scriptures. Vedic mathematics is an ancient Indian mathematics which has simple rules called “sutras” and tricks to do large calculations literally in seconds! This ancient mathematics was believed to be rediscover by Hindu Shankaracharya Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in early 19th century.  Some British mathematicians took interest in it , understood the concept and gave lectures in western world and thus making it popular worldwide. Meanwhile, Indian mathematicians and teachers also took interest in vedic mathematics along with general popular mathematics. Since old days,many Hindu families teach their children Sanskrit and vedic maths in early childhood to help them in mathematics. But, it was not that popular because of lack of books and teachers. Now with availability of sufficient books and tuition in many cities/towns, Indian students are again learning ancient technique of Vedic mathematics.

 How it…

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